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Jacob Carter

I love working with this fantastic group of talented people. Since we first met during our time studying at the Arts University Bournemouth, we have been able to teach each other so much about how powerful stories can be told through theatre. ‘Change cannot be achieved without risk’ is a truth we have always held at the heart of the company. We aim to create theatre that inspires change. 

Within the company I enjoy changing hats quite a lot, but the hat I wear the most is the music hat. Dodgy metaphor aside, I love to witness the effect which music can have on an audience. Pairing an emotive soundtrack with striking imagery is beautifully satisfying. 

' I enjoy changing hats a lot' 


Dayna Redfern

'I love the connection you gain with other people in the room.'

Theatre has always been an escape and place of freedom, and I love the idea of providing that for teenagers. As an actor, I specialise in physical theatre. I love the connection you gain with other people in the room. It becomes a safe space and that’s why it's so important to me. Our schools tours focus on supporting young people through theatre. I'm very excited to be a part of UpsideUp and to have founded the company with the best people.


Hatti van Váli

I am a puppet and performance designer who lives my life with ever-curious eyes. The smallest things can spike a burst of inspiration in me, which helps to fuel my passionate creativity. Working with fellow artists as a part of UpsideUp is such a privilege.I aim to create beautiful spaces and imagery for the group to accompany the important messages we choose to portray in our performances. Hopefully, through our powerful stories, this will help spark change and put a bit of beauty back into our little troubled world.

'A bit of beauty back into our little troubled world.'

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Susannah Greenow

 I am known for having a very messy head with ideas flying left, right and centre. Sometimes my brain works too quickly, and I rely on my fellow company members to help me pin them all down. After training as an actor, I discovered a talent for writing. My favourite creative method is free writing- I have many scribbling notebooks and note pages on my phone. I have a written style that leans close to poetic prose, with a love of imagery and alliteration. I like to find my instinctive response to a stimulus and form my writing around it. I am also a  keen vocalist, and have tried my hand at lyrics for musical theatre. But most importantly, I love making interesting theatre.

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'I have many scribbling notebooks and note pages on my phone.'


Jasmine Collecott

Acting has always been an integral part of my life. However, it was only during my professional training that I discovered physical theatre and devised movement work to be a fascination of mine. Since then, I have been fortunate to find talented, like minded individuals who have the same drive to make work filled with passion and important messages!

'make work filled with passion and important messages!'