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About us

We are The UpsideUp Theatre collective and are a group of individual creatives based in the Dorset area. Our collective comprises five members, all with different skill sets, making for a diverse interdisciplinary ensemble. We created the collective to be fluid, allowing members to enter and work on projects at various stages and consider other financial and creative commitments. Together, we have been producing original theatre work for the past four years. Our work has ranged from theatre in education to physical theatre shows to online events such as; BLUE (2019-2021), Me, Myself and Her (2017), and SafeSpace (2018). At the heart of every show is passion, drive and creativity. Within the last two years, we have sought to find funding to support our work and, in turn, further the landscape of our ideas and career. To - date, we have gained a commission from Activate Performing Arts. Using that funding, we're able to produce three short films, titled Mini Maisie's journals, which guided young children through activities that could be done at home during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Previously, we have received Arts council funding to support the R&D of our two-woman show, Dysexyia, which explored the female dyslexic experience; which is currently under production as a result of Art council support.  Dana is an performer, facilitator and social movement activist online with 95K followers. Susannah is a performer, facilitator and lyricist with notable achievements in developing the new musical, Nickola's Cloud. Jacob is an actor, director and composer currently working in conjunction with Susannah on Nikola’s Cloud and has written and directed music for several show such as Treasure Island directed by Luke Kernaghan. Jasmine is a performer and early years teacher with knowledge in child development and sensory learning, who will be completing her masters in psychology next year. Hatti is our in house designer and runs her own business, the dark times.